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MnNEAT believes meaningful inclusion honors lived experience as expertise and is the cornerstone of true evidence based practices.

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Explore resources and guides created for and by the neurodivergent community.

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Research information for and by educators, professionals and advocates.

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Our Mission

The Mission of Minnesota Neurodivergent Education Advocacy and Therapy Services (MnNEAT) is to support meaningful inclusion of ND people across the lifespan into the world of their choosing. We support and uphold their rights to live authentically and ensure equitable access to our services through the engagement of mentors who represent the diversity of the ND community.

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We envision an inclusive world where ND people are understood, accepted, and respected, and have access to what they need so they can engage in the world with authenticity, self-determination, and autonomy.


A young child in a yellow coat wearing teal glasses sits on a trail covered in leaves in early fall

1. Guidance

Provide mentorship and education to professionals and the community by neurodivergent people using strength- and relationship-based models.

2. Support

Support self advocacy in the neurodivergent community by creating customized materials and education designed by neurodivergent people.

3. Network

Develop and support a network of therapy professionals dedicated to providing services that are congruent with the values of the neurodivergent community.


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Self Determination

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